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What J.K. Says About Daniel, Emma and Rupert?

Daniel, Emma and Rupert

JK Rowling typingJK Rowling typing 2

J.K. surely loves the three characters and the three person who portrays them… This is not an accurate statement she made, I just saw this on my dashboard in tumblr.

J.K. Rowling says:

Dan has the hardest job because Harry on the page is the most difficult, the most nebulous. He’s just perfect, I think.

Rupert is just a genius. I don’t think anyone ever needed to tell him how to play Ron. He’s just known. Comedically he’s just spot on. You couldn’t teach that.

Emma is stunningly beautiful. She’s genuinely very bright, she’s very articulate. She’s everything you’d need to be to play Hermione.


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One comment on “What J.K. Says About Daniel, Emma and Rupert?

  1. I love them too – the characters and the actors who portrayed them. They are just amazing people. J.K. Rowling too, her books are incredible, indeed.

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