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Pottermore Artworks

pottermore owlWhile Pottermore is still not available to everybody and only available to some beta users (luckily, I was one of the users), Insider.Pottermore.com posted on their site about some of beautiful artworks that some users sent.

“We’ve had so much amazing artwork uploaded to Pottermore over the past few months that we wanted to begin featuring some of it here on the Insider.” the Insider said.

These artworks are surely amazing and undoubtedly beautiful and original. Starting today, the Insider will be posting and selecting beautiful artworks that was sent by beta users. They also promised that they will be beginning with chapter 1 and will be working all the way through chapter 17.

These are some artworks that was selected and posted in the site:

Baby Harry

by MirrorElm101


by CatPurple111


by RoseSilver145

Next week, they will be working again in selecting some drawing around Chapter 2, so what are you guys waiting for? For Beta users, submit your entries now and you may get the chance to be featured in the Insider.

Source Information and Picture:



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