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Facebook named Harry Potter as #1 Talked about Film of 2011

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Facebook status and Facebook itself became the world’s largest social network in 2011. With its countless numbers of users across globe, facebook became one of the reason why this world that we live in became smaller and smaller. We all know that as years passed by, Facebook already changed its appearance, features and many more. As several major changes had happened on facebook status, Facebook data scientists kept their eyes focused on tracking the trends among those status updates.

Facebook unleashed that research late Tuesday night in their end-of-year Memology list, which each December since 2009 has helped users understand the most-popular topics, cultural trends and acronyms on the site.

“While it takes days of painstaking work to compile the data, it’s a rare chance to get an insight into what the world is talking about,” data scientist Eytan Bakshy told Mashable.

This year’s list also highlights the fastest-growing topic areas in news, entertainment and sports.

List of top 10 Talked about movies

In line with plenty of categories of awards, our Harry Potter won the top 1 most talked about film on facebook. Well, pretty cool because twilight only ranked next to Harry Potter (lol).

If you want to see the whole story of these awards visit the website of Mashable.com and you’ll see the list of awards.




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